Our Journey

Our first encounter with a paper star lantern was during a trip to Cape Cod.  A little boutique store front displayed these stunning star lanterns in the front window.  Just as dusk was approaching and the sun was setting on this little shore town, the vibrant colors and whimsical designs illuminated from the store front window.  We entered the boutique and asked about the lanterns; we had to have one.  We learned that they were a product of India and used on special occasions such as Diwali and Christmas.  The lanterns are proudly displayed in windows of homes and on front porches during these festive times.  

We brought home the new lantern and illuminated it in our picture window.  The colors popped during the evenings and added a magical, whimsy flare to the room.  We were in awe that such joy and beauty could be displayed by a folding paper star lantern.   We had many neighbors and strollers asking where we had purchased the star as well as friends and family inquire where one could be purchased. 

And that is when our journey began.  We were so intrigued and happy with this star that we wanted to have family, friends and others experience the lighthearted happiness that such a gift made of paper could bring to someone.  We started to do some research on the lanterns and began working with a family owned business in India that hand made the stars.  We placed our first order and set up our first pop-up shop at the NJ Quick Chek Festival of Ballooning in 2004.  Once the sun pocketed itself behind the horizon and the sky filled with subtle colors of lavender, orange and pink, so too, did our tent full of these amazing, magical stars. 

The stars were a hit with our customers and we have had a pop up shop ever since at the NJ Quick Chek Festival of Ballooning.  We have had many opportunities over the last 13 years to travel to various festivals and events to set up shop.  Some of the major events and festivals include:  Bonnaroo (TN), Musikfest (PA), Delfest (MD), Merlefest (NC), Riverbend (TN), Philadelphia Folk Festival (PA) and Christkindl Markets in NJ, PA.

Our journey has been illuminated by the many people we have met along the way; the wonderful stories and cast of characters that we have encountered at these wonderful "gathering of like-minded people" events have truly enhanced our lives.  We are truly appreciative of the opportunity that this business has given us and want to continue to spread happiness and illuminate journeys with these awesome stars.  

Always remember,  Every Destination Falls Under the Stars...Illuminate your journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our journey.