Instructions to setup your star

Each star lamp comes complete with a distance protector of high‐tech plastic that guarantees a safe distance between the light bulb and the paper of the star lamp. Use one Mini Compact Florescent bulb equivalent to 40 watts or less. Mini Compact Florescent bulbs don’t get hot to the touch and last a long time. Don’t use regular‐sized incandescent bulbs because they tend to become hot to the touch.

1. Assemble the distance protector

Place the bulb at the center of the distance protector and slide the protector on until the distance protector clears the metal threaded section of the bulb. Screw the bulb into the socket set (included).

Bring the two opposing long straps together by inserting from above the extremity into slot; twist in until securely fastened.

Connect the two remaining long straps the same way.

Now you can fasten the shorter straps by securing them together in the same way by inserting and twisting from above.

The bulb should be completely enclosed in the distance protector.

2. Open the star lantern

Gently open the star lamp by inserting your hand into each point one after the other.

Lift up the separated points so that the star opens without force.

There might be some points that have a flattened bend. Carefully pinch the area above the bend to open, OR insert your hand to unbend the point tips.

3. Hang up the star

Choose a convenient location near an electrical outlet. Use a hook or a similar method, such as from a plant stand.

Place the bulb inside the star and affix it by tying the strings to the cord in a bow.

4. Light up your night

Plug in the power cord. Use the in-line switch on the power cord to turn the star lamp on.

** Note - This is a novelty lamp and should not be left unattended **

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